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Avengers: Endgame

Durée: 181 min, Film: Avengers: Endgame , Réalisé en 2019
Avec: Robert Downey Jr. , Chris Evans , Mark Ruffalo , Chris Hemsworth , Scarlett Johansson , Jeremy Renner , Don Cheadle , Paul Rudd , Chadwick Boseman , Benedict Cumberbatch

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Avengers Endgame

Marvel Studios presents the most anticipated film of the last ten years, the final battle of the most powerful heroes in the universe; and to close an extraordinary cycle that seduced young and old.

After Thanos' victory over the most powerful heroes in the universe, and achieving their much-desired balance of the universe, the survivors of that holocaust seek ways to reverse the click that marked the destiny of life on earth.

Tony Stark is wandering in space, I've tried to survive aboard Peter Quill's ship, which has only hours of supplies and oxygen left, resigned to his inevitable destiny, sends a message to the earth saying goodbye to his wife Pepper Potts; but, unexpectedly a bright silhouette appears on the horizon, Carol Danvers takes Milano back to earth.

Upon arriving at the Avengers operations center, Steve receives Tony, his first words are about the loss of young Peter; He is greatly affected by the disappearance of his pupil at the hands of Thanos.

Tony is very weak and falls in shock, while Rocket warns that there was a cosmic explosion on the garden planet just like the one on Earth at the time of Thanos click; Captain Rogers, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Dr. Bruce Banner with the Hulkbuster, Nebula, Rhody with a war machine and Rocket travel aboard the dove to the garden planet to retrieve the gems and reverse the click.

Upon arrival, Thanos explains that destiny is irreversible, the balance of the universe cannot be modified, I use the power of gems to destroy them themselves; invaded by anger Thor takes the Stormbreaker and decapitates him.

Five years elapsed since that time, the land is in ruins and its inhabitants live disconsolate by the loss of their loved ones, each of the avengers took different paths, only a few continue with the initiative.

In a depot of abandoned vehicles in the city of San Francisco, a rodent that walks inside Luis's truck, and accidentally activates the Hank Pym machine that holds Scott Lang in the quantum kingdom and brings him to current reality.

Overwhelmed by what happened after the click of Thanos, he goes to the Avengers operations center, where he is received by Steve and Natasha, to whom he explains that time passes differently, for Scott only five hours have passed, while for them they are more than five years

Lang argues that through the quantum kingdom they can try to reverse the snap of Thanos; for them, they visit Tony, who finally managed to form his long-awaited family with his wife and daughter named Morgan.

After hearing Scott's explanation, Tony explains that time jumps are impossible; but they don't give up after Iron Man's refusal and seek another opinion; they visit an old acquaintance, this is Bruce Banner, who after years of experiments with gamma radiation managed to merge his two identities.

Tony fails to overcome Peter's disappearance, and that motivates him to decipher the theory of the quantum kingdom; that after a chance of success builds a temporary locator that will allow them to prevent Thanos from taking over the gems of the infinite and thus preventing the click.

The most powerful heroes in the universe must face their past in order to save the present and secure the future.


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